Author Visits

I love meeting young writers around the country! On this page you'll find information about the types of author visits I offer. You can always contact me with specific questions.

Kid Olympic Games

This is a great idea for summer reading programs or literary festivals! In this event for all ages, kids can read AND get their bodies up and moving. We'll read OLYMPIG!, make some Olympic crafts, and hold some mini-Olympic events. This event can be held indoors or outside, for groups large or small!

Large Group Presentations

For school or library assemblies, I provide a fun and interactive PowerPoint presentation. I talk about the first book I wrote and illustrated- called SUPERCOW!- when I was eight years old.  I also talk about how I write my books, where I get my ideas, and finish up with some interactive drawing and writing demonstrations.

Classroom Workshops 

I love working with young writers in the classroom. Workshops can be scheduled separately or in conjunction with a large group presentation. Workshops vary in length from 45 minutes with younger students, to 90 minutes with older students. The following are workshops I have presented in the past- I am happy to tailor my workshops to meet your curriculum needs.

Graphic Novel Workshop

In this workshop, I talk about writing and drawing graphic novels, and how I use my own memories for inspiration in my comics (you can see some examples here). We'll discuss topics such as pacing and dialogue, and students will complete a one-page autobiographical comic. Recommended for grades 3 and up.

Character Workshop 

How do you create interesting and memorable characters? Using my (patent-pending) invention, The Character-O-Matic, students will create their own characters. We'll then talk about ways to write interesting stories for their newly-forged creations. Recommended for grades 1-5.

Beginning, Middle, and End

We'll talk about how the right plot can create gripping, exciting, edge-of-your-seat stories! We'll also talk about the revision process and how it can make you a better writer. Students will write a short story during this workshop. Recommended for grades 1-5.


How to Schedule an Event

Easy! Simply contact my assistant- only kidding, it's just me- at info [at] victoriajamieson [dot] com. Or use the handy form on my contact page!