Roller Girl

My first graphic novel was published in 2015 by Dial Books for Young Readers. In 2016, ROLLER GIRL was awarded a Newbery Honor Award, and has also become a New York Times bestseller. This book has certainly changed my life, and I'm so grateful and honored when I receive letters from readers telling me it's changed their lives, too. 

ROLLER GIRL follows the story of Astrid as she navigates the hard-hitting worlds of junior roller derby and middle school friendships. It's based on my own struggles fitting in in middle school- as well as the home I found while playing roller derby as an adult. 

The book is in full color, but here's a peek at the very first black and white version that I sent to my editor!




All's Faire in Middle School

Another full-color graphic novel, All's Faire is my newest book- it was published in September 2017. It is the story of Imogene, who works with her family at the Florida Renaissance Faire. She decides she is ready for the most grueling, the most dangerous quest of her young life... enrolling in public middle school.

The Great Pet Escape and The Great Art Caper 

These are also full-color graphic novels, but at 64 pages, they're shorter and intended for a slightly younger audience (approximately ages 6-10). George Washington (the hamster, not the president) and his fellow classroom pets at Daisy P. Flugelhorn Elementary must escape their cages at night to protect the school from Harriet and her evil mouse minions. I had a LOT of fun making these books. They were inspired by my childhood visits with my mom to her classroom during the summer and weekends (she was an elementary art school teacher). I loved roaming the deserted hallways of the school, and thought it was a setting ripe for adventure!


olympic childrens book


A picture book starring Boomer, an unathletic pig. Boomer has been training his entire life for one moment: the chance to win gold at the Animal Olympics.

Finally, the big day arrives.
He runs.
He jumps.
He dives.
He... loses?

This story is based on my own heartbreaking loss in the gymnastics competition at the 1984 Langhorne Avenue Block Party Kid Olympics.


Pest In Show

Break a leg! ...or six! Pest In Show is a musical extravaganza in picture book form. Starring insects. Get your singing voice ready.


bea rocks the flock jacket

Bea Rocks the Flock

Bea is tired of the same old, same old back at the farm. She decides to take a trip into the big city to jazz things up. Kids will love trying to spot Bea—and other characters!—in the detailed illustrations.