What Are Your Author Visits Like?

I present to all ages, from Pre-K through 12th grade. However, most of my presentations are geared towards elementary and middle schoolers. Presentations and workshops run about 50-60 minutes, but can be condensed to meet the needs of your school or library.

Upper Elementary/Middle School

Most schools and libraries are interested in my presentations on graphic novels. I show slides and sketches to talk about how I get ideas for my stories. The second half of the presentation is an interactive writing and drawing demonstration. Whenever possible, I like students to bring pencil and paper so they can try their hand at writing and drawing comics.

Lower Elementary

With younger kids, I focus on my picture books. I talk about how I write my stories and get my ideas, and I show early versions of my books and ask students to find the mistakes. During the second half of the presentation, we write and draw a story together, focusing on brainstorming, developing a character, and creating a story with a beginning, a middle, and an end.


Graphic novel workshops allow a more hands-on and intimate learning experience with students. We begin with a quick writing exercise and a discussion of the tools one can use while making comics: panels, word balloons, text boxes, etc. Students then complete their own autobiographical comic strip. Workshops work best with ages 8 and up, and with smaller groups (up to approximately 25 students).

What Does an Author Visit Look Like?

When I visit a school, I typically am there for the day. I can do up to 3 presentations and/or workshops during a visit. I've found that smaller spaces like libraries are ideal, but gyms or auditoriums can work, too. Some schools like to host an author lunch with select groups of students or library aides. I am also happy to do book signings. Finally, I like to create a drawing (usually several!) that can be hung in the library or auctioned off after my visit.

Where Do You Visit?

I visit schools all over the United States, and the world! I live in Pennsylvania, so I am able to offer day visits to schools within driving distance. For visits that are further away and require a flight, I'll usually ask that you connect with other schools in your district so I can do 3-5 days of school visits at once. This cuts down on travel expenses, too.

Speaking Of Costs...

Please email me using the contact page for more information on rates and availability.